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`Why have training?


As with most things in life the more knowledge and experience gained the more productive that person may be. Therefore the less they have the less productive they will become. However when it comes to abrasive products a lack of knowledge and experience gained through a lack of training can end up with dire consequences that could lead to career and life changing injuries. And for the employer they may find the cost of an injury to a member of the workforce compounded by a visit from the Health and Safety Executive.


We cannot guarantee the safety of your workforce by their attendance on one of our training courses. But it remains a proud boast for us that where delegates after some years have had further training with us not one has suffered injury working with abrasive products. Yet for the delegates who attend for the first time in a group of 6 to 10 you will find at least 1or more have received an injury during their working lifetime. All of these injuries were avoidable.


We explain:

  • Why operators get injured and how to avoid these injuries.
  • How having incorrect, poorly designed or sub standard PPE can contribute to life changing injuries.
  • How you can minimise the risk of injury by just making some simple changes.
  • How poorly maintained machinery can influence the condition of a wheel or disc.
  • How our PPE 'Check List' can improve operator safety.
  • Why some injuries occur to non operators of cutting and grinding equipment.
  • Why you should never use a disc that’s been used by another person.
  • What maintenance 'checks should be, but very rarely are, made to bench and pedestal grinders.
  • The importance of 'Personal' in PPE.
  • How to understand information found on a wheel or disc or belt.
  • Why abrasive wheel safety training is just not only for operators.
  • What to risk assess prior to grinding or cutting.
  • The most likeliest person to be injured when working with abrasive products.
  • How to check how safe is your wheel or disc.
  • And more/


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