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The problem and why training is important for your workforce



What we know


  • The vast majority of operators using angle grinders, bench/pedestal grinders, die grinders and petrol saws have never received any formal training.


  • Reports indicate users in the abrasive wheel industry break approximately one abrasive wheel per day. Most of these breakages are caused by human error, and generally go unreported.


  • Our trainers often report that up to 90% of machines examined need urgent repair or modification to make them safe for use.


  • The Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA) report that in the United Kingdom '...there are few restrictions on the sale of unsafe abrasives and no statutory obligation to use the OSA logo. or any other marque, to indicate that the product will be safe in operation...'


  • Anecdotal evidence from our trainers has indicated that in excess of 50% of operators using portable grinding and cutting machinery are using poorly designed, inappropriate, sub-standard or just ineffective personal protective equipment (PPE). What they think should protect them from a specific hazard may not.


  • According to German Statutory Accident Insurance accidents involving angle grinders involved 58% to the hand, 17% to the head, 12% to the leg, 7 % to the arm with the remainder to other parts of the body.


  • Ignoring repairs and regular servicing can easily lead to premature damage to a wheel or disc that may involve part or the entire wheel leaving the machine at up to 180 m.p.h. with disastrous consequences.


Our trainers have also noted the link between inefficiency of the abrasive process and safety on the one hand and poorly maintained machinery and inefficient wheels on the other.


Simply stated the most efficient abrasive wheel, in the main, will be the safest and therefore the most inefficient will be the least safe. At Abtec we have produced a risk assessment tool that when implemented can reduce the likelihood of injury when using abrasive wheels and discs.


The following are just some of safety procedures often ignored by operators


• Not checking either the maximum speed of the machine and wheel


• Modifying or removing guards on portable or fixed grinders


• Using the wrong wheel for the material to be cut or ground


• Failure to inspect, examine and test wheels prior to mounting the wheel on the machine


• Incorrectly mounting the wheel on the machine


• Allowing a wheel to reduce in diameter ignoring the consequence of

reduced surface speed


• Incorrect or damaged flanges


• Not checking use by dates


• Poor maintenance of machine


• Insecure mounting of pedestal and bench grinders


• Using damaged, incorrect or faulty wheels


• Poor or incorrect personal protective equipment


• Improper use of the machine or wheel


We at Abtec are passionate about safety in the abrasive process. We are proud of our training programmes and the response from delegates that have attended. From this response we have added our "Risk assessment and safety appraisal programme" which comprises of a detailed report on the safety of your company’s abrasive process along with training in our risk assessment tool for your supervisors. The appraisal is carried out on your premises at a date and time convenient for your company and also receives a 50% discount when ordered along with your safety training course.


If you are still unconvinced of the need for thorough training please click on the link below. This is an independent medical report on injuries suffered by 3 operators and shows quite graphically the dangers involved in using abrasive wheels and discs.


Report of injuries


Please don't allow your operators to become a health and safety statistic.


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