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At Abtec we recognise that from time to time delegates will need to refer back to information provided on our courses. Therefore having clear concise jargon free information is vital. Each delegate will be provided relevant notes according to the course attended. Please find below a list of the information provided:


  • Course notes relevant to the course attended.


  • Procedures for mounting an abrasive wheel on bench and pedestal grinding machines.


  • Procedures for mounting cutting and grinding wheels on portable hand-held machines including angle grinders, die grinders and chop saws.


  • Procedures for mounting discs and blades on portable hand-held petrol powered cutting machines.


  • Wheel balancing procedures for surface and cylindrical grinding applications.


  • Grinding variables that need to be considered when using internal, surface and cylindrical grinding applications.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assessment, regulations and selection.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) check list for operators of angle grinders, petrol saws, die grinders, chop saws and other portable cutting and grinding equipment.



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